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All thoses links will get you out of my website, so if you follow them, I hope to see you soon !
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My friends


who crafts


Wich I am a member

Group of artists (Oise and Tarn, in France) and the creations in all kinds of Christine Cornillot: cardboard, silk painting, sculpture, and so on.
Also offers workshops ! Smiley : Amagad
Would you let me be your teacher ? Smiley : :3

Micheline Mercier

Sculpter, member of FAFFAG

Lilio's La Fimo

Language : French

Polymere clay artist.

My Sweeties Candles


My friends



Wunder Balder


My friends





My friends

Friends with a big heart

With a big heart

Oise's Cats School (Cats refuge)

L'école du chat de l'Oise (refuge pour chats)

Charlie, little sweet irish cob

Small diary of an Irish Cob in Normandy. Petit journal de bord d'une Irish Cob en Normandie.

"YouTube" videos from all around the world, because inspiration doesn't know any frontier !

If needed, don't forget to activate the videos subtitles Smiley : ;)

My biggests inspiration sources DIY

"Do It Yourself"

Akameru Kawaii

Language : English

Polymere clay miniatures, dolls repaints, clothing and such


Language : English

Dolls repaints, making wigs and clothing


Language : English

Dolls repaints - Making a figurine out of a Monster High

Эшу и куклы [EFdollhouse]

Language : Russian

Dioramas, repaints, stop motion et such

달려라치킨 Dalchi

Language : Korean

Polymere clay miniatures, Ball Jointed Dolls and such

HMS2 - ハムスターのミニチュア工房2

Language : Japanese/English
but no voice-over

All kind of miniatures

Lena Wiese

Language : English

Dollhouses, furnitures, decoration

미미네 미니어쳐 (MIMINE)

Language : Korean

All kind of miniatures and miniature cooking Smiley : Meow

Miniature Space

Language : Japanese

Miniature cooking
CAUTION ! Mini Food Porn inside ;op

Nicolle's Dreams

Language : English (GBR)

Ball Jointed Dolls repaints

Some love to share

Be a hero !

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